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GHOST MONKEY X3 White 14" x 28 " x 3





GHOST MONKEY X3 White  14" x 28 " x 3"
LED pedal board with ATA Flight Hard case. Price $280.00 USA shipping $25.00


ATA Flight hard case:

 Black Tolex covering Light weight 100% interior carpet lined
Spring loaded handle
Recessed latches
Built very tuff to last

Pedal board:



Click here for X3 Blue  14" x 28 "

Low profile ghost board Size 14 x 28 x 3 loaded with White LED mods
Ghost top and front as on the X3012 model12 volt DC adaptor included
Standard slot hole for cables
3 1/4 inches of room at the top of the board for your effect pedals

Total weight, case and board 15 pounds

Shipping $25.00 Within the USA (international and worldwide buyers please contact us for shipping rates)

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