The New TWM-VSL7000  

The  new redesigned  White Monkey VSL7000 uses White V-series LED the brightest LED light that SloanLED manufactures.

Dimensions: 32 " x 14 " x 4 "
Extremely Light Weight
Excellent Strength (polycarbonate plexiglas)
Weight 7 Lb (Pounds)
Comes with a 12 Volt regulated power supply
 Lots of utility holes for your cables                     New fanned decro rod                                  LED On/Off pro foot switch for LED fade out    Momentary pro foot switch for LED fade out     Front handle (tested at 125 pounds)                 White front hardware


Price's starting at $330.00 Plus Shipping 27.50 within the USA                                                   comes with a 2 year warranty, on all the parts.
This is a quality American made product Made new in the USA






This is a bight one